The Team

Dr Fiona Hughes: BVMS  MRCVS

Fiona graduated from Glasgow Vet School in 1995.  After graduating Fiona joined the Willows Veterinary Group working initially at Beech House Veterinary Centre before moving to Winsford. She left to work at a veterinary hospital in Middlesborough in 1998 for a year before returning to Winsford as a branch manager in 1999.
Fiona has 9 Chihuahuas and quite a lot of fish. She has showed her dogs and done obedience and agility. Fiona is also involved in a local amateur panto group that raises money fro charity at their annual panto

Dr Hannah Lomas: BVetMed MRCVS

Hannah graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2009. Hannah originally worked in mixed practice in Cornwall before moving to a small animal practice in the Midlands. She joined the Winsford team in 2012
Hannah has a dog, 2 cats and some cows

Dr Stephanie Lundie: BVMS MRCVS

Stephanie graduated from Glasgow University Vet School in 1999. She spent 18 months in a mixed practice in Barnsley before moving to a small animal job in Lancashire for 2 years. She then moved to Cheshire and after a short stint as a locum has worked for the Willows ever since. She has been at Winsford since 2004.
Stephanie has a tortoiseshell moggy called Toast (named to go with Marmite- a Burmese rescued at 4 weeks old as a student, now living a life of luxury with Stephanie’s Mum and Dad).

Dr Alison Derman: BVetMed MRCVS

Alison graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 2009. She moved to Cheshire in 2016 after many years working in a busy emergency vet clinic. She loves long walks with her two dogs and two children.

Danielle Hardley: Registered Veterinary Nurse (Head Nurse)

Danielle began working at The Willows at our Hartford Hospital in 2002. She gained her Vet Nursing qualification and then transferred to our Winsford Surgery. She has 2 dogs, Pepsi and Bruce and 2 cats, Ginger and Mickey

Sally Seddon: Registered Veterinary Nurse (Head Nurse)

Sally started work as a receptionist at Willows Veterinary Hospital in Northwich in 2005. Eighteen months later she moved to Winsford as an Auxiliary Nurse. Sally gained her Animal Nursing Assistant qualification in 2009 and gained her Veterinary Nurse qualification in 2013. She has 2 Chihuahuas, Oscar and Percy and 2 cats, Ralph and Florence.

Sally Guthrie: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Sally started work as a receptionist at Willows Veterinary Hospital in Northwich in 2005. Eighteen months later she moved to Winsford as an auxiliary nurse. Sally gained her animal nursing assistant qualification in 2009 and gained her Veterinary Nurse qualification in 2013.
She has 2 Chihuahuas – Oscar and Percy and a cat called Spizer.

Helen Harrington: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Helen started with the Willows Veterinary Group back in 1989 and gained her Veterinary Nurse qualification in 1996. Helen moved to Winsford in 1995. She has 2 dogs, Rodney and Rocky. She also has 3 Guinea Pigs, Dandelion, Burdock and Onion.

Amy Cummings: Registered Veterinary Nurse

Amy started with us as a Student Veterinary Nurse in 2011 for a total of 16 months. She was on placement from Harper Adams University. Amy qualified in 2013 and began working at another practice before returning to Winsford to cover maternity leave. Amy has a great interest in rabbit welfare and behaviour and is a member of the rabbit welfare association. Amy has 2 bunnies, Truffle and Fudge.

Louise Hodnett: Registered veterinary Nurse

Louise graduated with a degree in veterinary nursing in 2014. She carried out her training at a small animal practice in Newcastle under Lyme and after qualifying became the deputy head nurse at the branch. Louise has also worked at the small animal teaching hospital in Liverpool. Louise has a beagle called Harley who she likes going on walks with.

Samantha Ikin: Animal Nursing Assistant

Samantha started working at Winsford in 2008 as an administrator/auxiliary nurse. She passed her ANA qualification in April 2013. Samantha could set up her own zoo as she has 3 lurchers (Billy, Pete and Wren), a cat called Bently, an Amazon Parrot called Gilbert, a bearded dragon called Brian, a Boa Constrictor called Beryl, 4 Ferrets (Topper, Stanley, Sophie and Marg) and 3 chickens (Ethel, Dorothy and Suzie)

Katie Donnellan: Receptionist/Nursing Assistant

Katie bagan working for the Willows Veterinary Group over at our Clarendon surgery in early 2010 and then moved to Winsford later the same year.Katie has 2 Border Terriers called Doris and Rossi. She also has several racehorses scattered across the country.

Emma Pilkington: Receptionist

Emma is passionate about animals and used to be a puppy walker for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. She is involved in fundraising for various charities. Emma has 2 dogs, a Border Collie called Flo and a Staffy called Kassi. She also has 3 rats called Fagin, Gladys and Betty.

Pam Griffiths: Receptionist/ Auxiliary Nurse

Pam graduated in 2015 from Northop College with a Level 3 NVQ in Animal management. She has two King Charles Spaniels called Poppy and Kodi and two mature cats called Bailey and Tia – one of which is missing a leg and a tail!.